Carrera Management Corporation

#104 – 375 Water Street,

Vancouver, BC V6B 5C6

info (at) 


Senior Manager

Property Services

Trish Knight

604-453- 4834 ext 1 

trishk (at)

Property Assistant

Amy Adair

604-453-4834 ext. 5

amya (at)

Property Accountant

Bryce Thompson

604-453-4834 ext. 7

brycet (at)

Senior Manager

Commercial Leasing & Property Services
Jonathan Grimble
604-453-4834 ext. 6
jong (at)

Commercial Property Assistant

Alison McClements

604-453-4834 ext. 9

alisonm (at)


Emily Tian, CGA, MBA

604-453-4834 ext. 3

emilyt (at)

Accounts Payable

Subashini Chandramohan

604-453-4834 ext. 2

subashinic (at)

Property Accountable

Joan Mutua

604-453-4834 ext. 0

joanm (at)

Building Managers

Watson Manor Apartments
Janet Ghorghe, Residential Manager
577 East 8th Avenue, Vancouver
watsonmanor (at)

Grace Court Apartments/Luci's Place

Bobby Hall, Building Manager 

1601 Comox Street/

1071 Cardero Street, Vancouver

westend (at)

Cumberland Park Apartments

Susan Boyes, Building Manager

10011 - 150th Street Surrey

cumberland (at)

Monterey Apartments /

Brentview Manor Apartments
Sue Devai, Building Manager
Office: 603 West 8th Avenue, Vancouver
603monterey (at)

Urquhart House/Ted's Place

Bobby Hall, Building Manager 

1546 Nelson Street &

1545, 1551, 1553, 1555

Henshaw Lane, Vancouver


westend (at)

New York Apartments

Ross Dahl, Building Manager

2341 York Avenue, Vancouver


newyork (at)

Gerties House/Kie's Place

Bobby Hall, Building Manager 

1539 Comox Street/

1534 Henshaw Lane, Vancouver

westend (at)

Barrymore Apartments

Alison McClements, Resident Manager

226, 228, 232 East 3rd Street,

North Vancouver

alisonm (at)

Magnolia Apartments

Kimberley Day, Resident Manager

366 East 3rd Street, North Vancouver

magnolia (at)

Takehara House

Brayden Sangha, Resident Manager

1017 West 7th, Vancouver


1906 Grant Street, Vancouver
residentialrentals (at)

Waldorf Studios

Carrera Management

116 West Hastings Street, Vancouver 604-453-4834

waldorf (at)

Gabriola Mansion

1523 Davie Street, Vancouver

*To be converted to residential rental apartments*

Under Construction