Our Company

Carrera Management Corporation is a Vancouver based property management company that manages its own commercial and residential property portfolio. Properties include office space, store leases, residential apartments, and luxury residential homes.


Senior Manager, Property Services
Trish Knight
Telephone: 604-453- 4834 ext 1
Email: trishk@carreramc.com

Senior Manager, Commercial Leasing & Property Services
Jonathan Grimble
Telephone: 604-453-4834 ext. 6
Email: jong@carreramc.com

Property Assistant
Becky Ferguson
Telephone: 604-453-4834 ext. 5
Email: beckyf@carreramc.com

Emily Tian, CGA, MBA
Telephone: 604-453-4834 ext. 3
Email: emilyt@carreramc.com

Property Accountant
June Hou
Telephone: 604-453-4834 ext. 4
Email: juneh@carreramc.com


Monterey Apartments / Brentview Manor
Sue Devai – Building Manager
Eduardo Portillo – Building Maintenance Supervisor
Shawn Metheral – Building Maintenance

Office: 603 West 8th Avenue, Vancouver
Telephone: 604-709-8683
Fax: 604-879-8681
Email: 603monterey@shawbiz.ca

Grace Court Apartments
1601 Comox Street, Vancouver BC

Becky Ferguson – Property Assistant
Telephone: 604-453-4834
Email: gracecourt@carreramc.com

Watson Manor Apartments
Ted Nelson – Building Manager
# 101 – 577 East 8th Avenue, Vancouver
Telephone: 604-877-1809
Cell: 604-365-8426
Email: hopalong@telus.net or watsonmanor@carreramc.com
Becky Ferguson - Property Assistant
Eduardo Portillo – Building Maintenance

Urquhart House
1546 Nelson Street
Telephone: 604-453-4834
Becky Ferguson – Property Assistant

Christmas Hill Green
4050 Douglas Street, Victoria
Brenda Viala – Building Manager
Email: bvpropertymanagement@hotmail.com

Eldorado Mews/Ocean Vista Rental Units
Trish Knight – Senior Manager, Property Services
Becky Ferguson – Property Assistant